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At IBEC we recognize that a friendly, supportive environment and strong camaraderie among colleagues is essential for producing confident, open-minded researchers. To help our young scientists get the head start that a welcoming environment brings, regular social and networking events are organized within the institute or by its hosting campus, the Parc Científic de Barcelona.

IBEC has football clubs and a running team to help staff and researchers unwind, and it organizes events such as the IBEC music festival and an annual IBEC day. There’s also a mailing list for social announcements that helps the IBEC community get to know each other and welcome newcomers.

Being registered at one of the universities, IBEC PhDs receive an identity card and are able to benefit from all the usual discounts available to students in Barcelona and beyond.

The IBEC PhD Committee

IBEC’s PhD Student Committee was set up in 2013 to enable students to have a voice in the running of the institute and to organise events of their own.

Having begun with Bowling Fridays and other networking and social events, the committee has branched out into organizing and co-organizing courses and workshops. In addition, the committee also carried out a satisfaction survey to monitor morale among PhD students at the institute and identify common problems or issues.

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IBEC Postdoc Committee

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