Research news

A new model sheds light on cell migration

IBEC’s Nanobioengineering group have made important inroads in mechanobiology by creating an in vitro model of the extracellular matrix that shows how this environment works with protein complex actomyosin – the essential substance that allows muscle to contract – to direct the movement of cells.

The group’s paper, which appears in Advanced Functional Materials this week, sheds light on cell migration, which is essential for many biological processes such as embryonic development and wound healing when things are going right, and cancer progression when things go wrong.

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Other news

IBEC at active ageing festival in the UK

Yesterday and today IBEC has been exhibiting at the Coventry Life Festival in the UK, a celebration of active ageing which is taking place in the university town not far from Birmingham.

Sunday saw more than 1000 middle-aged and elderly residents and their families flock to the city for the Vitality Marketplace, a showcase of resources and information about healthy and active ageing.

Supported by EIT health, IBEC’s stand is demonstrating the 3D bioprinting techniques being optimised in the institute to tackle age-related disease by creating biomaterials to aid the regeneration of organs such as the heart, as well as giving out information about the institute to potential masters and PhD students.

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