Research news

A new 3D muscle model will allow the study of aging and the evaluation of drugs and cosmetics

IBEC researchers develop a three-dimensional model of muscle tissue using bioprinting and tissue bioengineering techniques that allow reproducing their strength, contraction and aging profiles. The new model will have potential applications in fields such as biomedicine, cosmetics and robotics. In addition, it will open the doors to the study of morphological and functional alterations caused by muscle aging.

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Other news

A “Crazy about bioengineering” transmits her passion for nanotechnology to her classmates

Bioengineering is powerful and reaches the classroom thanks to a study on nanotechnology, carried out by students from the Joan Pelegrí school. Marina Pujol, a student of the educational program “Crazy about Bioengineering” that takes place at IBEC, transmitted her passion for bioengineering to two of her classmates and they have written a report and recorded a video on nanotechnology.

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