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Memòria Anual

La Memòria de l’IBEC es publica anualment i en ella es mostren les activitats de l’any anterior, incloent les notícies destacades, fets organitzatius i estratègics, així com un resum dels esdeveniments i les iniciatives de l’institut durant aquest període.



Highlights is an at-a-glance roundup of the year’s achievements.



InsideIBEC is IBEC’s newsletter, which comes out several times a year. If you’d like to contribute to InsideIBEC, please e-mail


IBEC in a Nutshell

A general brochure about IBEC.


IBEC International PhD Programme

Brochure (in English) with detailed information for potential PhD students. (Click here to go to the PhD information page.)


EU Positioning Documents

  • Nov 2017. IBEC’s position and vision on the next European research & innovation framework programme. PDF
  • April 2018. Mission-based progress within the next framework programme. PDF
  • April 2018. SOMMa position paper contributing to the discussion on the future FP9. Prepared with the opinion of all Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu Alliance (SOMMa) members, where IBEC is included. Moreover, IBEC participated in the initial working group. PDF

Other documents and publications


  • ‘Hoja por la Innovación en Nanomedicina en España’.
    Coordinated by IBEC and published by NanoMed Spain.
    Page flip view | PDF
  • ‘Nanotechnology and Global Bioethics’.
    Prepared with the opinion group of the University of Barcelona’s Bioethics and Law Observatory.
    Page flip view | PDF
  • ‘Nanomedicina en España 06-10’. Coordinated by IBEC and published by NanoMed Spain.
    Page flip view | PDF
  • ‘Connect-EU Nanobio+Nanomed Strategic Research Agenda 2011’.
    Connect-EU working group coordinated by IBEC.
    Page flip view | PDF