by Keyword: Hexanucleotide repeat

Garcia-Guerra, Antonio, Ellerington, Ruth, Gaitzsch, Jens, Bath, Jonathan, Kye, Mahnseok, Varela, Miguel A., Battaglia, Giuseppe, Wood, Matthew JA., Manzano, Raquel, Rinaldi, Carlo, Turberfield, Andrew J., (2023). A modular RNA delivery system comprising spherical nucleic acids built on endosome-escaping polymeric nanoparticles Nanoscale Advances 5, 2941-2949

Polymeric spherical nucleic acids comprise pH-sensitive, polymer-conjugated oligonucleotides that self-assemble into nanoparticles with the ability to escape endosomes, overcoming a major obstacle in nucleic acid delivery.

JTD Keywords: c9orf72, cellular uptake, dna, encapsulation, expansion, ph, stability, trafficking, vesicles, Hexanucleotide repeat