PhD Student Committee

At IBEC, we recognize that a friendly, supportive environment and strong bonding among colleagues are essential for producing confident, open-minded research. The PhD Committee is a group of PhD students from all IBEC.

Our main goal is to bridge between students and the rest of the IBEC’s community by preparing and promoting activities. We were founded in 2013 and currently meet twice a month to discuss important issues for better integration, representativity and improvement of PhD student’s life and work at IBEC.

We are divided into the following work commissions: Communication, Activities, Finances, Training and Relations with Administration. We are actively in communication with Administration to raise important issues and topics on behalf of the other PhD students. For example, since our foundation, we have always collaborated with Human Resources to adapt the training courses offered by IBEC to student needs.

Moreover, we organize social events to facilitate networking among researchers. One of the events we are most proud of is the PhD Retreat, consisting of a two-day event, usually taking place outside the city. The days are filled with activities to bring people closer and talks about topics of interest such as career options after the PhD, scientific communication and mental health.

Among our various achievements, we would like to highlight the Mentoring Program that was developed in collaboration with the Postdoctoral Committee and with the support of Human Resources. This program is intended to contribute to the career development of both PhD students as mentees and postdoctoral researchers as mentors. PhD students can ask for advice and guidance towards their future goals and postdoctoral researchers have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Check out our latest events and, if you are an IBEC PhD Student, join us!


In the PhD Student Committee, we are constantly in touch with several departments at IBEC (Human Resources, direction, communications, etc.) to improve researchers’ everyday life at IBEC.

Here are some of the activities in which we are involved:

  • We collect the concerns of researchers regarding working conditions’ matters, and we work on trying to improve them by communicating with the required department.
  • We collaborate with administration in finding and organizing workshops, trying to meet the interests and requirements of researchers.
  • We organize social events to facilitate networking among researchers.
  • We are a non-profit reference group for PhD students in IBEC. We try to help with academic issues, from administrative transactions to trying to connect people to solve more technical or experimental issues.


PhD Retreat: Annual event that brings together all PhD students for 2 days full of talks and activities. It is a great opportunity to meet all the students and form friendships and collaborations. We are actively working on the 2022 edition.

Calçotada: Another of our annual activities is the Calçotada, usually taking place between February and March. It is an activity open to all IBEC’s community and it is a nice way to show Catalan’s traditions. Next edition will take place on 12th March 2022.

Christmas Treasure Hunt: Last December we organized our first Treasure Hunt, Christmas inspired! Taking place in Parc Científic de Barcelona, it was a good way to get to know the different buildings and facilities and to enjoy some friendly competition.

Bowling: Taking advantage of the Bowling Pedralbes close to IBEC, we organize bowling sessions every few months! A nice way to cool down after a day of work.

Hikes: To keep activities going even during a pandemic, we adapted and organized our first hike last November. It was a successful activity that we are eager to repeat!


Ainhoa Ferret MiñanaBiosensors for bioengineering
Ainoa Tejedera VillafrancaBiosensors for bioengineering
Aishwarya MellalakariNanobioengineering
Albert Manzano MuñozNanobioengineering
Alice PeruccaIntegrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics
Celia Ximenes CarballoBiomaterials for Regenerative Therapies
Christopher JamesBiomaterials for Regenerative Therapies
Gerardo Ceada TorresIntegrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics
Giulia FornabaioSynthetic morphogenesis
Guillem Lopez-Grado i SalinasSmart Nano-Bio-Devices
Ignasi Granero MoyaCellular and Molecular Mechanobiology
Inês Sousa PereiraNanobioengineering
Judith Fuentes LlanosSmart Nano-Bio-Devices
Luisa CamerinNanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Marc Molina JordánCellular and Molecular Mechanobiology
Marco VigoTargeted therapeutics and nanodevic
Maria Leonor NarcisoCellular and Respiratory Biomechanics
Miquel Bosch PadrósIntegrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics
Sheeza MughalBiosensors for bioengineering
Srivatsava Viswanadha Venkata Naga SaiCellular and Molecular Mechanobiology
Víctor Mejías PérezMolecular Bionics


All PhD students are welcome to join us! If you have any question or suggestion, please contact us on the email

You can also find us on Twitter (@IbecPhD) and Instagram (@ibecphd). Follow us to keep updated on our latest news!