The BioSpace facility is a biosafety level II culture room, specifically designed for primary cultures, cell line maintenance, and 3D Bioprinting. It is equipped with multiple BioIIA culture cabinetsCO2/O2 incubators, and CO2 incubators tailored for intricate experiments necessitating in-incubator instrumentation to foster optimal cell growth conditions. Additionally, the standard cell culture apparatus is readily available.

Researchers utilizing the facility benefit from the use of an inverted microscope and a stereo microscope, both equipped with epi-fluorescence capabilities.

The onsite 3D Bioprinter empowers the creation of diverse biomaterials, including polymers, abrasive viscous substances, cell-laden hydrogels, and solutions. This technology facilitates the assembly of sophisticated, multimaterial 3D scaffolds that mimic biological tissues more closely. These 3D structures have a variety of applications, such as 3D cell models for drug testing and scaffolds for regenerative medicine.

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BIO-II A Cell Culture cabinets
Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Bench
CO2 Incubators
Gadget Incubator
Microscope for Cell Inspection
Fluorescence Stereo Microscope
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Automated Cell counter
Refrigerated centrifuger
Basic equipment


The use of the BioSpace Facility is open to any IBEC member trough IBECnet.

Access to the BioSpace facility for researchers from outside IBEC can be done through collaborations with their groups.

To become a BioSpace user, please follow the steps below.

1. Read the ‘information and regulations for users’ document:
Terms and conditions of use

2. Fill in the new user application forms:
a. Customer registration form: to be completed by the person who assumes the costs resulting from the provision of services carried out at BioSpace.
Customer Registration Request
b. User linked to a customer registration form: to be completed by the person that will directly use BioSpace services. This person must be linked to a customer that will assume the costs resulting from the services provided.
User linked to customer registration form (external users)

c. User On Boarding Request: with information on the biological agents that are intended to be used.
User On Boarding Request.

3. Send the completed application forms to