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Grad School

Dimecres, juliol 4, 2018Divendres, juliol 6, 2018

GRADschools are three day practical learning and development programmes which enable researchers to reflect upon and develop their skills as doctoral researchers. The programme enables researchers to develop skills that can be applied in their current research and the next steps of their careers.

This workshop will be organised by BIST.


Residential course from 04th to 06th July.

Place to be confirmed. The course is set up such that you will spend the nights at the venue, which is located out of the city to maximize the impact and your interactions. BIST will provide transportation by bus from Barcelona (BIST,C/ Urgell 187, Barcelona).

Target Group:

2nd  and 3rd year of PhD.

45 places in total for all BIST centres.


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Dimecres, juliol 4, 2018
Divendres, juliol 6, 2018
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