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IBEC Seminar: New technologies for accelerating drug discovery and preclinical testing

Divendres, setembre 29, 2023 @ 10:00 am11:30 am

New technologies for accelerating drug discovery and preclinical testing

Maria Majellaro, Chief Scientific Officer of Celtarys.
Abi J Vazquez. Co-founder and COO of DIVERSA Technologies SL.
Bruno K Rodiño-Janeiro, Chief Scientific Officer of BFlow.


Celtarys, DIVERSA and BFlow belong to the Galician biotechnology ecosystem and are dedicated to provide cutting-edge technologies applied in different and complementary phases of preclinical drug screening, accelerating the drug development process and reducing the time to market of new therapies.

The three companies emerge from technologies developed at public research centers and transferred to the market after participation in validation programs. The speakers will explain their experiences in the process of going from an idea in the laboratory to the final technology transfer as spin-off companies.

Celtarys is a spin-off of the University of Santiago de Compostela, focused on the development of innovative fluorescent tools to improve the efficiency of the drug discovery process. In addition to its fluorescent ligand portfolio, Celtarys specializes in customized fluorescent ligands for target-based drug discovery, utilizing its proprietary conjugation technology. This unique approach allows to quickly design and develop libraries of different tailor-made fluorescent ligands with their own linkers covering wide chemical architectures for any target of interest.

DIVERSA is a spin-off from the Santiago de Compostela Health Research Institute (IDIS) and the Galician Health Service (SERGAS), devoted to drive the translation of new therapeutic molecules to the clinic through the application of patented safe-by-design lipid nanoemulsions that can efficiently improve the delivery of drugs and biomolecules (RNAs, proteins and peptides ) to their target, and thus efficacy. DIVERSA commercialize ready-to-use reagents, and also provides customized services for the development of tailored and unique formulations that can accomplish all requirements for a specific molecule, indication, and route of administration. We also conduct comprehensive R&D activities to advance our own nanomedicines towards the clinic, answering to current unmet clinical needs.


BFlow is a spin-off from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and the Health Research Institute of Santiago de Compostela (IDIS), which offers advanced Organ-on-a-chip models to improve the physiological relevance of cell cultures. BFlow products are designed to cover the urgent need to improve the data in both research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Regarding the latter, Organ-on-a-chip models will have a relevant role reducing the cost, time and use of experimental animal models in the preclinical drug screening process, accelerating the discovery of new drugs.


The seminar will consist of 15 minute talks from each company with 15 minutes of questions and answers.

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Divendres, setembre 29, 2023
10:00 am–11:30 am
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