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Online IBEC Seminar: Veronika Magdanz

Divendres, octubre 8, 2021 @ 10:00 am12:00 pm

Development of biohybrid and bioinspired microrobots toward biomedical applications

Veronika Magdanz, Smart Nano-Bio-Devices

Autonomous motion and precise control on the microscale is one of the main challenges in developing non-invasive medical microrobots. In this seminar, I present my approaches of how to develop artificial, biomimetic and biohybrid microrobots. We can be inspired by nature’s solutions to achieve such propulsion on the microscale. Specifically, sperm cells offer beneficial features as components of microrobots: as propulsion sources, as templates and as cargo. By combining smart microstructures with spermatozoa, new ways to control and manipulate sperm cells emerge.

This seminar will be held using the GoToMeeting app


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Divendres, octubre 8, 2021
10:00 am–12:00 pm
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