The IBEC Sustainability Committee was created at the end of 2020, with the support of the Direction of IBEC.

IBEC Sustainabilty Committee is composed by members of the different profiles of the institute: Researchers, Technicians and Administration.

In addition, each Research Group has an Ecorep that is the direct intermediate between the Committee and the Research Groups.

Please contact the Ecorep in your group for any query about procedures at your lab or IBEC to make Research more sustainable.


  • Teresa Sanchis – Strategic Initiatives
  • Isabel Oliveira – Core Facilities
  • Cristina Arimany – Strategic Initiatives
  • Inmaculada Moreno – Core Facilities
  • Maria Arista – Communication & PR unit
  • Anabel-Lise Le Roux – Cellular and Molecular Mechanobiology 
  • Karolina Zimkowska – Molecular and Cellular Neurotechnology
  • Berta Pla – Finance unit
  • Núria Camarero – Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
  • Ona Baguer – Cellular and Molecular Mechanobiology 
  • Mònica Purciolas – Integrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics
  • Claudia Di Guglielmo – Molecular Bionics
  • Sefora Conti – Integrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics
  • Zarina Nauryzgaliyeva – Pluripotency for organ regeneration
  • Gülsun Bagci – Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies
  • Alba Herrero – Molecular Imaging for Precision Medicine
  • Alice Perucca – Integrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics


  • Molecular Bionics: Claudia Di Guglielmo
  • Protein phase transitions in health and disease: Marta Badia
  • Biomaterials for regenerative therapies: Christopher James
  • Nanoscale bioelectrical characterization: Aurora Dols
  • Nanoprobes and nanoswitches: Núria Camarero
  • Biomimetic systems for cell engineering:
  • Pluripotency for organ regeneration: Zarina Nauryzgaliyeva
  • Biosensors for bioengineering: Ainhoa Ferret and Ainoa Tejedera
  • Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology: Karolina Zimkowska
  • Cellular and molecular mechanobiology and Integrative cell and tissue dynamics: Anabel-Lise Le Roux and Mònica Purciolas
  • Nanobioengineering: Miriam Funes
  • Core Facilities: Inmaculada Moreno
  • Research Management: Cristina Arimany and Berta Pla

For inquiries about the committee or the IBEC STRATEGY TO PROMOTE SUSTAINABILITY IN RESEARCH please contact