Detection of biologicals and chemicals 

Expertise in design and fabrication of sensors for the detection of biologicals and chemicals. Including hardware (sample collection, sensing platform and detectors) as well as software (algorithms for signal readout, processing, and interpretation).

  • Design of highly sensitive Surface Localized Plasmon Resonance biosensor for protein detection in biofluids and organ-on-a-chip.
  • Optimization of protein biomarker detection in biofluids (blood, plasma, urine, sputum, feces) using biosensors.
  • Integration of sensing platforms on microfluidics for the management and analysis of low volume samples.
  • Design and optimization of electrochemical biosensor for biologicals detection and in a working environment. E.g. insulin release experiments, able to be tested in combination with skeletal muscle models.
  • Aptamer selection for the recognition of any protein target
  • Analysis of flavour from GC-IMS data using signal processing methods. Validated on ham and oil samples and the potential use for fraud detection.
  • Development of signal processing approaches to improve the time dynamics of chemical sensors and extract bioinspired chemical features from turbulent plumes.
  • Hyperpolarized  and non-Hyperpolarized NMR spectroscopy and MRI imaging. Mice imaging and cell metabolic studies. DNP and PHIP/SABRE hyperpolarization capabilities.
  • Experience in embedding sensing systems into robots, to facilitate the collection of samples.
  • Development of drones and terrestrial robots with bioinspired machine olfaction capabilities for gas source localization and 2D- and 3D-mapping.