“Las Plataformas de Investigación Biomédica apuestan por la colaboración para superar la crisis” (Cat)

The platforms, which in addition to nanomedicine cover innovative medicines, health technology and biotechnology markets, have come together to discuss how, in the economic crisis, collaboration is the way forward to progress adequately in innovation in the coming years. As IBEC assistant director Josep Samitier said in his overview of the activities of NanoMed Spain, this country is the third strongest in nanotechnology R&D after China and the US, and the field is still going strong despite the current financial climate while others are failing. Together the platforms will promote public-private cooperation to foster research and innovation in Spain’s national biomedical sector, ultimately attempting to tackle ahead of time some of the consequences of the crisis, which could include a critical increase in healthcare debt. Read the coverage of the meeting in Redacción Médica here: