#cell_culture&一═デ︻ ρσѕтнυмαηιѕм ︻デ═一.

My initial interest was in the historical and fictional exploration of the techniques made possible by working in cell culture lab. The possibility of cultivating living matter outside the body, modifying and combining it with the material of other species has, in my opinion, an impact on the concept of the human.
That´s why I am concerned with concepts of 一═デ︻ ρσѕтнυмαηιѕм ︻デ═一. Among other aspects, posthuman reflections care about a new understanding of subjectivity, which entails ethical reassessments of [non]human activities & intersections.

Our environment has become extremely complex as a result of (not only, but decisively) 一═デ︻ тє¢нησѕ¢ιєη¢є ︻デ═一. Contemporary technologies are bustingthe idea of a coherent, exclusively human body or mind. Additionally, advanced capitalism reinforces this tendency because it has an enormous interest in commercialising bodies, parts of bodies or data from bodies.

As a result, we find ourselves very connected to other forms of being through the advancement of knowledge and technology. On the other hand, these connections make it even more possible to exploit all kinds of living matter. In my work, I deal with bodies and materialites that are caught in precisely this field of tension.