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PhD Thesis Defence: Ana López Mengual

Sala Graus, Faculty of Biology Barcelona

Factores físicos y moleculares implicados en la migración celular y en el desarrollo de la corteza cerebral. Ana López Mengual, Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology group Abstract Cell migration acquires special relevance during embryonic development and tissue regeneration. During the development of the adult individual, cells multiply, differentiate and mature, having to move to their destination ... Read more

Biomedical signal interpretation and smartphone sensors for the assessment of trunk function and sleep disorders in patients with spinal cord injury

Sala d’Actes EEBE, Edifici A, Av. Eduard Maristany 16, 08019 Barcelona

Author: Yolanda Castillo Group: Biomedical Signal Processing and Interpretation Directors: Raimon Jané   Abstract: Spinal cord injury (SCI) is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. SCI causes motor and sensory impairment below the level of the injury, but it is also associated with many other health complications. Two of these problems are trunk ... Read more