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ICMS-IBEC Joint Online Symposium

miércoles, marzo 23, 2022 @ 2:00 pm5:00 pm

This is the 6th symposium that the two institutions are celebrating together. This Mini-Symposium will take place online, using the Teams app, on 23 March from 14.00 – 17.00.

14.00Chair: Jan van Hest (ICMS) Samuel Sánchez (IBEC)Opening and welcome
Successful joint ventures 
14.05Shidong Song and Richard Post (IBEC & ICMS)Partnership between:Group lead IBEC: Samuel SánchezGroup lead ICMS: Remco van der Hofstad and Jan van HestEngineering transient dynamics of artificial cells by stochastic distribution of enzymes
14.30Sertan Sukas (IBEC & ICMS)Partnership between:Group lead IBEC: Josep Samitier (IBEC)Group lead ICMS: Vito Conte, Jaap den Toonder and Regina LuttgeAdvanced flow control and quantification of forces for mechanobiology studies
14.55Tania Patiño Padial (IBECICMS)Tania was a member of the group of Samuel Sánchez at IBEC and is now a member of the group of Jan van Hest at ICMSBioengineering life-like nanosystems for biomedical applications
Flash talks Exchange program 
15.30Robert Dassen (ICMS→IBEC)Partnership between:Group leads IBEC: Veronika Magdanz and Samuel SánchezGroup lead ICMS: Hans Wyss3D printing of organ models for in vitro testing of microrobots
15.38Lisa van Slagmaat (ICMS→IBEC)Partnership between:Group lead IBEC: Josep SamitierGroup lead ICMS: Jaap den ToonderMicrofluidic herringbone device with self-assembled antibody monolayer for CTC separation
15.46Floor Ummels (ICMS→IBEC)Partnership between:Group lead IBEC: Giuseppe BattagliaGroup lead ICMS: Willem MulderCrossing the blood-brain barrier
15.54Lisa Pomp (ICMS→IBEC)Partnership between:Group leads IBEC: José Antonio Del Río and Karen WellsGroup lead ICMS: Vito ConteEstablishment of an in vitro blood-brain barrier model on transwells for transendothelial transport studies
16.04Stan van Wetten (ICMS→IBEC)Partnership between:Group lead IBEC: Sílvia PujalsGroup lead ICMS: Arthur de JongCorrelating Light and Electron Microscopy for PLGA-PEG nanoparticle charactization
16.12Laura van de Koppel (ICMS→IBEC)Partnership between:Group leads IBEC: Elisabeth Engel and Bárbara BlancoGroup lead ICMS: Patricia DankersEngineering a 3D model of lymphoma using a hydrogel for precise screening of therapeutics
16.35Roger Riera Brillas (IBEC & ICMS)Roger was a member of the  group of Lorenzo Albertazzi at IBEC and is now a member of the group of Lorenzo Albertazzi at ICMS Live-cell uPAINT imaging of receptors
17.00Closing remarks