IBEC’s research on Telenotícies

In the channel’s ‘Telenotícies’ bulletin at 21:00, the programme with the most viewers on Catalonia’s most watched TV channel, researchers from IBEC will be shown working in the lab and conducting their research into somatic cell reprogramming and the creation of biodegradable scaffolds.

The newsflash will also feature Control of Stem Cell Potency group leader Ángel Raya describing the method with which his researchers have been able to create a beating ‘heart’ in a dish using human stem cells. He also explains how the group has been working with researchers from the Bio/non-bio interactions for regenerative medicine group to combine their reprogrammed cells with ‘smart’ scaffolds able to encourage revascularization and provide essential oxygen and nutrients.

La Marató, an annual telethon broadcast by TV3 to raise funds for scientific research into different diseases, this year focuses on ‘Regeneration and transplantation of organs and tissues’. The show itself, which will run for 15 hours on Sunday, will concentrate on the medical and human side of the issue and feature testimonials from transplant patients and doctors. However, the news bulletins in the days preceding the Marató, which regularly pull in a quarter of a million viewers, will highlight the basic research behind the issue, showing that IBEC scientists are ever closer to generating functioning tissue to replace or substitute diseased tissue in the human body.

View the news item here: (from minute 23′)