Thank you for your commitment

Dear IBEC Community,

We are finishing a year that has been special and difficult for every one of us. A year in which our society, and also our organization, have been strongly affected by a virus that has challenged the whole humanity. But it has also proved the high level of solidarity existing between us: many people have helped from hospitals and homes. Clinicians have worked day and night. Many scientists have also changed their plans and strategies in order to understand the propagation and action of the virus, looking for drugs or vaccines.

I am very proud of all of you about the level of collaboration during this year, working at home, at the lab or in the office. You have contributed to the ORFEU initiative, developing new projects focused on the pandemic or, not less important, you have continued working in your science.

Because a healthy life is a good for all of us and bioengineering is a powerful tool to design new systems for diagnosis and therapy. Our goal and mission is to bioengineer solutions for health and this year, IBEC People have achieved relevant results and received many recognitions for this activity.

Thanks, many thanks to all of you, for your commitment and resilience.

Congratulations to our master and PhD students, postdocs, senior scientists, technicians, group leaders and members of the support units.

Next week, the 29th of December we would celebrate the official 15th anniversary of IBEC. During these years we have carried out many, many activities and achievements. Many thanks again to all of you.

This year we will not celebrate our traditional Christmas Party, but we have tried to keep the spirit of Christmas and we have shared with you a basket with some small gifts and a card with a message: all of us have a strong capacity to improve our work with solidarity, friendship, collaboration and science.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and wish that next year we will meet again in December, this time with a big hug.

Bon Nadal a totes i tots, Merry Christmas and Happy new year. 

Josep Samitier