The hidden face of research labs

A research group is like a great machine where each of the members represents a fundamental piece so that everything fits in? together. Engine oil is an essential component so that the machine runs smoothly: if it is not well greased, it does not work properly. Something similar happens with laboratory technicians, their work is essential and not always visible to the eyes.

It could be said that Miriam Segura is in charge of making sure that everything works correctly in the “Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology” laboratory. Her work, not always visible, and her dedication, make all the pieces and members of the group fit in together, as she makes sure they have everything that is necessary to function.

Miriam came to IBEC in April 2013 to do the internship for the higher grade of «Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Technician». In June of that same year, the laboratory technician in charge at that moment left, so Miriam took her position.

The position of laboratory technician requires doing a wide variety of jobs and having a great capacity for adaptation: from taking care of the maintenance and organization of the lab, to giving technical and experimental support to the group members, to more administrative tasks such as monitoring of expenses and accounting.

It should be noted that Miriam takes care of the maintenance of the cell lines, performing about 180 passages a year, she also performs DNA extractions and their subsequent PCR and, in addition, she is in charge of manufacturing wafers with different designs for microfluidic devices in the clean room. Since she is at IBEC, she has manufactured about 35 wafers!

In addition, she is also in charge of welcoming the new members of the group and teaching them how to work in the laboratory. Since she joined IBEC, about 40 researchers have come and go through this laboratory!

It is clear that it is a very varied profession in which it is impossible to get bored. Miriam herself tells us that one of her greatest achievements is the day-by-day learning; both from her colleagues and from the research world, keeping up to date with new techniques and protocols.



In any case, the members of the laboratory are well aware that … When in doubt, surely Miriam has the answer, and she will be glad to help.

Miriam has an exceptionally good relationship not only with the members of her group but also with other IBEC researchers. From time to time, they go hiking in the mountains to do some sport and enjoy the views, not everything is going to be work! However, since there are mobility restrictions, she has changed the mountains for the kitchen, and she has found the perfect recipe for ham croquettes.

Miriam has a passion for reading, especially crime and fantasy novels, you will always see her with a book in her hands. She still has not finished a saga that she is already thinking about which will be the next book that she will devour.

So now you know a little more about Miriam and the figure of the laboratory technician, a fundamental piece of the research machine. You can see her arriving at IBEC with a book in her hands and you will be able to spot her around IBEC facilities running from one place to another.