UK-Iberia Nanomedicine Workshop

This event aims to share the expertise of the United Kingdom and Spain on recent initiatives and developments in nanomedicine. The workshop will be, also, an occasion to identify new collaboration opportunities for research centres as well as for industry companies. The growth of this research area is a priority for the governments of both countries. The emerging activity in nanomedicine will be presented at the workshop, including the remarkable example of collaboration between Spain and Portugal, at the International Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) in Braga, Portugal.

NanoMed Spain, the Spanish Technology Platform on Nanomedicine, started its activities in 2005, and gathers today 120 member institutions, including companies, universities, research centres and hospitals. NanoMed Spain is a consortium led by industrial partners, where their input can provide more focus to academic research. It aims to represent this burgeoning sector as a single voice, plays the role of “think tank” to policy makers and research funding agencies, and encourages and assists the Spanish participation in international projects and initiatives. NanoMed Spain is managed by the Bioengineering Institute of Barcelona (IBEC), whose Associate Director is Prof Josep Samitier, scientific director of the Platform.