Travel and commuting

Nowadays, many workplaces have promoted mobility policies to reduce the number of staff commuting to work using single-occupant vehicles, for instance, carpooling. Furthermore, the use of public transport and other sustainable means of travel such as bicycles, scooters, etc. are being increasingly promoted, especially in big cities like Barcelona.

At IBEC we want to encourage the use of sustainable ways to commute to work. We also want to make researchers aware of the importance of reducing air travel.

Examples of actions:

Campaign on the framework of the Bike to Work Day. All the IBEC community biking routes were registered and shared on a map.

A message has been included in the travel forms to encourage researchers and management staff to use sustainable transportation for work trips and not to travel if not essential.

Together with the PCB, IBEC has boosted a car-sharing system. You can find more information on the car pooling webpage.

Survey and report on the commuting habits of IBEC staff.

Useful resources and tips for sustainable commuting: