OCATT conference on cardiac and vascular disease

Supported by several other organisations including IBEC, the Organización Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT), the Asociación Española de Bancos de Tejidos (AEBT), and the Centre de Medicina Regenerativa de Barcelona (CMRB), the day will feature talks by experts in the fields of cardiac regeneration, stem cells, transplant research and gene therapy. IBEC’s Control of Stem Cell Potency group leader Ángel Raya will be talking about the cellular basis of myocardial regeneration in zebrafish, and further speakers will be attending from Vall d’Hebron, the Transplant Services Foundation, IDIBAPS and Liverpool’s John Moores University, to name a few. Topics will cover processing cells and tissues, advanced therapy medicinal products with stem cells, transplantation, angiogenesis, cardiac reconstruction and more.

The event begins at 9.30am on Thursday and will take place at the Sala d’actes del Departament de Salut, Travessera de les Corts 131-159, Barcelona. For the full programme or to sign up, click here.