Training for researchers

IBEC has designed a training strategy to train and raise awareness on Open Science among it’s workers, mainly researchers. Every year a workshops program on OS is integrated at the institutional course catalogue. Materials and guides developed by Strategic Initiatives unit on OS, are also openly available, related to each issue.

IBEC’s training programs


The workshops and courses specific on Open Science are:

  • Open Science 1: Open publishing
  • Open Science 2: Data Management / DMP preparation
  • Open Science 3: Citizen Science
  • Open Science 4: Scientific Evaluation

Related with Open Science

  • Becoming a Scientific Writer Putting ‘why’ before ‘how
  • Learning to write clearly The ‘how’ of good scientific writing
  • Bringing science to primary schools
  • Project Management for Researchers
  • Research Integrity for researchers at early career stages
  • Research Integrity for supervisors & GL´s
  • Researchers – IBEC’s TTO: a winner partnership
  • Integration of Gender dimension into research