The first big study about the reality of nanotechnology in Catalonia has started off

Its promoters are the teachers Josep Samitier, IBEC’s associated director, Jaume Valls and Esteve Juanola, all three linked to several organizations of the Catalan R+D+I system. To put in practice the convergence of disciplines which a study of this kind requires, it has been necessary the participation of researchers of the UB Department of Electronics and the UB Department of Economics and Business Organization.

This study, for the first time in Catalonia, will describe the market and innovation system agents, will identify present and future products and services, and will diagnose the state of technology and innovation transfer. Also, it will detect the technological and formative needs and it will analyze its contribution to competitiveness improvement and change of economic model.

The study sample includes 358 companies and 594 consolidated research groups -recognized by the program of Support to Research Groups (SGR) 2009-2013 of the Generalitat of Catalonia-, who make direct activities or next to development and exploitation, present or future, of nanobiotechnology in Catalonia.

The results of the study will be presented as well as a final report with the support of the main public and private agents who represent the Catalan nanobiotecnological market.