Fostering Public-Private Partnerships in Biomedical Research

The 3rd Annual Conference of Technological Platforms for Biomedical Research held in Barcelona on 23 and 24 February brought together more than 300 researchers to explore how to address the challenges of fostering and strengthening cooperation between public and private stakeholders in the areas of nanomedicine, innovative medicines, and healthcare technology. Nanomed Spain, the Spanish Platform on Nanomedicine, represented by its coordinator Josep Samitier, advocated a relationship based on mutual exchange that would facilitate the speedy transfer of advances in biomedical research to the production lines of the healthcare industry to ensure that patients benefit from products and services arising from these new technologies. The conference was organized jointly by Nanomed Spain, the Spanish Technology Platform for Innovative Medicines, and the Platform on Healthcare Technology.

The event afforded an update on the most important current initiatives of the European platforms, including the Roadmaps to 2020 for Nanomedicine, the strategic programme for research in the field of innovative medicines, and the medical technologies network. The national and European projects presented at this meeting provided examples of different partnership models for collaboration between the actors involved in the development of medical products, therapies, and technologies, covering the whole process from research and transfer to clinical trials and regulatory approval.