Core Facilities


Part of the institute’s long-term strategic plan is to create new Core Facilities in nanofabrication and bionanocharacterization.

Our aim is to facilitate advanced research by providing services in the fields of nanoscience and nanotechnology for all academic and industrial researchers. Some of the many areas of application include nanobioengineering, BioMEMS, materials science, tissue engineering, optic and biomaterials.

Dr. Isabel Oliveira | Head of Core Facilities
Dr. Mateu Pla | Coordinator of Nanotechnology Platform
Marina Cazorla | Nanotechnology Platform Technician
Judit Linacero | Nanotechnology Platform Technician
Ramona Bravo | Laboratory Technician
Miriam Funes | Laboratory Technician
Laura GómezLaboratory Technician
Jenifer GonzálezLaboratory Technician
Alícia Nadal | Laboratory Assistant


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