Common Core Basics

We maintain IBEC’s common areas and shared routine laboratory equipment, including preventive and corrective management, in all IBEC’s labs.

Apart from the laboratory routine equipment (scales, centrifuges, pH-meters, stirrers, platform shakers, thermoblocks, thermomixers, incubators, ovens, sterilizer miniclave, water baths, water purification equipments, UV-tip cleaner, freezers, refrigerators, etc.), Common Core Basics provides other type of laboratory equipment necessary for IBEC groups to carry out their research.

Common Core Basics

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Microplate Reader Bechmark plus
Multimode Micropate Reader Infinite M200 Pro
Multimode Microplate Reader Spark
Spectrophotometer Nanodrop

UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Shimadzu
Gel Documentation Gel Doc XR
Gel Documentation LAS 4000
Real Time PCR StepOnePlus
Thermal Cycler MiniAmp
Thermal Cycler T100
Inverted Microscope Olympus
Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet