The Ethical Channel

Here at the IBEC, we are firm believers in the importance of promoting a safe, ethical, equality-based and trustworthy environment for all our workers, not to mention students, visitors, and IBEC community partners.

That is why we have implemented a robust Ethical Channel that allows anyone to report potential improper conduct, ethical violations or any interpersonal conflict they detect at the IBEC. A channel that can be used to report any possible non-compliance or impropriety at the IBEC, as described in Spanish Law 2/2023, of 20 February, governing the protection of persons reporting regulatory and anti-corruption offences.


You can use the Ethical Channel to report anything that might represent a breach of the law, the Code of Ethics and Good Practices or any applicable internal regulation, such as:

  • Behaviour entailing fraud or corruption.
  • Misconduct associated with occupational safety, health and hygiene.
  • Workplace discrimination and harassment.
  • Misbehaviour regarding information security and data protection.
  • Anti-competitive practices.
  • Conduct infringing human rights or harmful to the environment.
  • Other potential criminal or administrative offences.
  • Breaches of research ethics.


  • Inappropriate conduct.
  • Interpersonal disputes.

CONFIDENCIALITY: We regard confidentiality as essential for encouraging people to submit complaints, alerts or reports (“reports”). We guarantee complete confidentiality throughout the process and protect the identity of reporting persons to the full extent of the law. There is always the possibility of submitting an anonymous report, too.

IMPARTIAL INVESTIGATION PROCESS: When a report is submitted, the team responsible for dealing with it will carry out an initial assessment to forward it to the applicable channel, in accordance with Spanish Law 2/2023 and with the IBEC’s own internal policies and protocols.

All reports are carefully investigated, objectively and diligently, pursuant to internal regulations and applicable legislation. The rights of all those involved, and particularly the presumption of innocence, must be respected throughout the entire process.

PROTECTION AGAINST REPRISALS: We do not tolerate any kind of reprisal against good-faith whistleblowers. We are committed to protecting the rights and good name of those brave enough to report any impropriety. We will take appropriate disciplinary measures against anyone taking reprisals against a reporting person.

RESOLUTION AND FOLLOW-UP: Once the investigation is concluded, we shall take the actions required to deal with the problem identified. Here at the IBEC, we place the emphasis on proactive conflict resolution and the prevention of violence, prioritising measures designed to prevent risks, corrective and relationship repair measures (to forestall repeat occurrences) and health restoration. What’s more, we are committed to keeping whistleblowers informed on the progress and resolution of their report.



Preferably, by using the co-resol online tool:


  1. Download the co-resol app and accept its notifications. It is free of charge and available from the App Store and on Google Play.
  2. Press the “Just click” button and then enter the code IBEC.
  3. Select the channel’s button.
  4. Write your message, providing as much specific information as possible. You can attach images and other files.
  5. Identify yourself or select the option for anonymity. In either case, you must accept the Privacy Policy.
  6. After completing the above steps, you’ll receive a message confirming receipt of your click.
  7. Communications following up on your click are carried out via a secure chat feature (accessed from the chat button on the app’s home screen) until the case is closed.


This can be accessed via the following link:


  1. Click on the “Just click” button and enter the code IBEC.
  2. Select the channel’s button.
  3. Write your message, providing as much specific information as possible. You can attach images and other files.
  4. Identify yourself or select the option for anonymity. In either case, you must accept the Privacy Policy.
  5. If you use the web option, you’ll be given a unique identifier code and password that you will have to save to continue communicating, via a secure chat facility, on your click’s status.
  6. Whenever you want to know if you have a new chat message or wish to provide more information, to ensure things remain confidential, you must enter the code and password on the home page, via the “Access a previous click” button.


The Ethics Reporting Channel should not be used in case of emergency or for reporting imminent threats. If you need assistance in such cases, please contact your local authorities using the appropriate channels.