Clinical collaborations

IBEC research focuses on new applied technologies for life and health science. It is therefore crucial to develop close and committed collaborations with clinicians and hospitals. This allows our researchers to tailor their projects on real an unmet clinical needs. Additionally, we engage our clinical collaborators in the testing and validation of our solutions, in order to develop and design them considering relevant real-life settings.

IBEC sets out to contribute to the 21st-century medicine based on bioengineering capable of providing better health outcomes and contribute to the sustainability of cost-effective health systems.

Digital and biotechnological developments will drive preventive and precision medicine, digital surgery and self-management of chronic diseases by means of health data analytics, AI, cloud computing, portable devices, sensors, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, synthetic biology, 3D printing and nanotechnology. To accomplish this, we need to progress in an open innovation model, creating a shared space between scientists, engineers and doctors and encourage a framework for relations with clinicians and bio/medtech companies.

IBEC strategy is guided by our Clinical Translation Committee, composed by medical doctors with responsibilities in hospital management, that advises IBEC on how to meet the needs of the hospital sector. In addition, IBEC fosters collaborations with clinicians to address unmet clinical needs. IBEC is the technological counterpart of the major hospitals in Barcelona and internationally which allows easy access to clinical samples and patients.

Additionally, we have implemented the following actions:

Associated Clinicians programme: selected medical doctors can participate in IBEC’s training and recruitment programmes and establish joint translational projects with IBEC group leaders

Incorporation of medical doctors within the research groups of IBEC through different mechanisms:

  • Visiting programme for consolidated professionals
  • Post Hospital medical trainees (MIR in Spanish)

Clinical immersion programme for PhD students in collaboration with Col·legi Oficial de Metges de Barcelona (CoMB). Each student has the possibility of being advised by national and international clinical mentors, to provide predoctoral researchers with a deeper understanding of their research area from a clinical point of view.

Current activities: