Frontiers programme. Science and Science Journalism

With the aim of establishing synergies between journalists and scientists, IBEC joins the European program FRONTIERS, which offers funding to journalists from around the world who wish to spend a few months in residence with a cutting-edge research team or institution.

From IBEC, we encourage all interested science journalists to apply for a residency at IBEC through the official FRONTIERS . The deadline to submit applications for the second round is September 25, 2024.

FRONTIERS is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and designed to facilitate a residency program for science journalists who want to spend three to five months at a research institution. The project is scheduled to run until 2027 and will allow up to 40 science journalists to work together with research teams or scientific institutions.

IBEC is part of the European program FRONTIERS with the goal of informing, educating, and disseminating scientific knowledge and innovation that takes place within our institute. Indeed, with this project, IBEC aims to foster a better understanding of scientific work, as well as to provide a context for mutual learning, where journalists can gain deeper knowledge about scientific topics, and scientists can better understand the challenges and opportunities associated with science communication in the media.

We believe that this collaboration is undoubtedly essential to ensure effective and objective communication about science, as well as to support independent science journalism. With FRONTIERS, we will contribute, on the one hand, to building a society that is more informed about science and technology, and, on the other hand, more critical of misinformation and fake news, especially in the digital environment.

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