IBEC Doctoral Certificate of Excellence and the Doctoral Award for predoctoral researchers

One of IBEC’s main aims is to attract, prepare, and maintain a talented workforce that undertakes scientific research at the highest international level, employing creative and interdisciplinary approaches. This research aims to improve health, quality of life, and generate wealth.

In order to enhance and acknowledge the excellence of the training program developed for IBEC’s PhD fellows, we issue a Doctoral Certificate funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the Centro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa award. This certificate is awarded to those fellows who meet the quality requirements of the institute.



  1. Three months on an international research placement. The visit may be to a university, a hospital, a company or a research centre. Visits of at least 2 weeks can be accumulated in order to reach the 3-month period.
    For stays within Spain, IBEC direction will assess whether they can be considered for the award.
  2. One indexed peer-reviewed international publication as the first author (with IBEC affiliation), or alternatively, one contribution to a patent as an inventor.
  3. Two oral presentations at an international meeting as the presenting author. One of the oral presentations can be a flash presentation at the IBEC Symposium.
  4. Attendance in the following courses organized by IBEC (or proof of attendance to similar courses) is required:
    – One course on writing skills (or alternatively, two peer-reviewed international publications as the first author, including the mandatory publication mentioned in point 2).
    – Presentation skills (or alternatively, three oral participations at international meetings as the presenting author, including the two mandatory oral presentations mentioned in point 3).
    – One course on technology Transfer and/or intellectual property (IP) rights.
    – Research Integrity.
    – One additional optional course
    Participant’s attendance to IBEC courses can be downloaded in the Ibecnet /training
  5. Participation in outreach activities (fairs, outreach blog, work with high school students, giving talks, etc) (minimum 10 hours).
  6. Attendance at Scientific Seminars: A minimum of 20 seminars is required. In cases where the PhD fellow is seconded to another institution for more than 3 months, the minimum number of seminars will be reduced proportionally based on the duration that the fellow is physically present at IBEC. IBEC maintains a record of attendance, whether it is online or in person.
  7. Attendance at IBEC PhD Discussions: A minimum of 15 IBEC PhD Discussions must be attended. In cases where the PhD fellow is seconded to another institution for more than 3 months, the minimum number of discussions will be reduced proportionally based on the duration that the fellow is physically present at IBEC.
    If the candidate has served as the chairman of the PhD discussions or has been a member of the IBEC PhD Committee, the minimum number will be reduced to 12. If both circumstances apply, the minimum number will be further reduced to 10.
    IBEC is keeping record of attendance (online or in person).
  8. Lecture in a PhD Discussion.
  9. The PhD thesis must be submitted within 4 years of admission to the doctoral programme. If the PhD thesis is submitted in less than 4 years after admission to the doctoral programme, the required number of attendance to IBEC seminars and PhD discussions will be proportionally reduced.

Due to the exceptional circumstances during Covid-19 pandemia following requirements will be revised case by case: 1, 5 and 9.

In exceptional circumstances, these requirements could be replaced by outstanding achievements (eg. awards, patent licensed, spin off created, etc) upon the decision of IBEC’s directorate.


All PhD fellows meeting the  requirements will receive a certificate in the IBEC Symposium and a prize of 150€ to cover expenses related to the defense of their PhD thesis.


Once the PhD fellow has defended his/her PhD thesis, he/she should submit the application form to together with the following documents in PDF format:

  • Short CV (max. 4 pag)
  • Summary of the PhD thesis (max. 1 pag)
  • Certificate of the PhD thesis defense
  • Certificate showing the date of admission in the doctoral programme
  • Certificates of oral participation at international meetings as presenting authors (programme, diploma, etc)
  • Certificates of attendance at the training courses
  • Certificates of participation in outreach activities
  • Certificates of mobility stays
  • Certificates of attendance to non-IBEC seminars

In order to take into account publications that might be under review or in preparation at the time of the PhD thesis defense, the application form may be submitted up to one year after the defense.

Notwithstanding, the other merits (courses, seminars, training, etc) are related to the PhD period.

If the candidate meets all the requirements, they will automatically receive the prize of 150€. The certificate will be issued at the following IBEC Symposium. If the candidate is not able to attend the symposium, he/she will receive the certificate by mail.

Download the application form here


Additionally, all candidates that received a Doctoral Certificate of Excellence will be elegible for a Doctoral Award. The awardees will receive a prize of 500€ in an award ceremony at the IBEC Symposium.

To be eligible for the Doctoral Award, more than 4 candidates who meet the requirements must have submitted to the call.

If one year due to a lack of participants entering the competition, the Award is not awarded, those candidates presented in previous calls will be automatically reserved for subsequent years until the minimum of 5 candidates is met.

The awards that will be awarded will follow the following proportion of candidatures presented:

  • From 5 to 9 candidates: 2 awards
  • As of 10 candidates: 3 awards

Each year, an interdisciplinary committee composed by IBEC Deputy Directors, and the Heads of Strategy and Human Resources will be in charge of  selecting the awardee/-s  based on scientific results according to San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), that will consider the scientific content of research outputs, rather than publication metrics or the identity of the journal in which they were published,  as well as other merits and contributions to the IBEC Community.

In case of Conflict of Interest the evaluator will not participate in the evaluation process.

For questions or doubts don’t hesitate to contact our HR Unit (

Updated on July 2023

Funded through the Centro de Excelencia Severo Ochoa Award