Staff member

Xavier Giralt Ludevid
PhD Student
+34 934 020 515
Staff member publications

Pla-Roca, M., Altay, G., Giralt, X., Casals, A., Samitier, J., (2016). Design and development of a microarray processing station (MPS) for automated miniaturized immunoassays Biomedical Microdevices 18, (4),

Giralt, Xavier, Amigo, Luis, Casals, Alicia, Amat, Josep, (2013). Robotic platform to evaluate the assistance and assessment on the rehabilitation loop Springer Berlin Heidelberg 1, 1031-1035

Antelis, J.M., Montesano, L., Giralt, X., Casals, A., Minguez, J., (2012). Detection of movements with attention or distraction to the motor task during robot-assisted passive movements of the upper limb Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) IEEE , 6410-6413

Amigo, L. E., Fernandez, Q., Giralt, X., Casals, A., Amat, J., (2012). Study of patient-orthosis interaction forces in rehabilitation therapies IEEE Conference Publications IEEE , 1098-1103

Casals, A., Campos, J., Giralt, X., Amat, J., (2010). Intuitive graphic interface for assisted teleoperation in surgical applications DRHE 2010 Dependable Robots in Human Environments IEEE/RAS , 1-6

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