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Mário Hüttener Queiroz
Postdoctoral Researcher
RA_Microbial Biotechnology and Host-Pathogen Interaction
+34 934 020 212
Staff member publications

Prieto, A., Urcola, I., Blanco, J., Dahbi, G., Muniesa, M., Quiros, P., Falgenhauer, L., Chakraborty, T., Hüttener, M., Juarez, A., (2016). Tracking bacterial virulence: Global modulators as indicators Scientific Reports 6, 25973 [Open Access]

Tassinari, E., Aznar, S., Urcola, I., Prieto, A., Hüttener, M., Juárez, A., (2016). The incC sequence is required for R27 plasmid stability Frontiers in Microbiology 7, (6), Article 629 [Open Access]

Van Der Hofstadt, M., Hüttener, M., Juárez, A., Gomila, G., (2015). Nanoscale imaging of the growth and division of bacterial cells on planar substrates with the atomic force microscope Ultramicroscopy 154, 29-36

Dietrich, M., Pedró, L., García, J., Pons, M., Hüttener, M., Paytubi, S., Madrid, C., Juárez, A., (2014). Evidence for moonlighting functions of the Journal of Bacteriology 196, (5), 1102-1112

Hüttener, M., Dietrich, M., Paytubi, S., Juárez, A., (2014). HilA-like regulators in Escherichia coli pathotypes: the YgeH protein from the enteroaggregative strain 042 BMC Microbiology 14, (268), 1-10

Jaramillo, M. C., Martínez-Duarte, R., Hüttener, M., Renaud, P., Torrents, E., Juárez, A., (2013). Increasing PCR sensitivity by removal of polymerase inhibitors in environmental samples by using dielectrophoresis Biosensors and Bioelectronics 43, (1), 297-303

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