PhD theses

The data shows the name of the student, his or her group at IBEC, the title of the PhD thesis and the awarding body (in brackets).



Pilar Rodríguez
Integrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics
Mechanics of boundary formation in epithelial monolayers by Eph-ephrin interactions’ (UB)
Anna Crespo
Bacterial infections and antimicrobial therapies
Estudi transcripcional i funcional de les ribonucleotidil reductases de Pseudomonas aeruginosa’ (UB)
Dencho Gugutkov
Molecular Dynamics at Cell-Biomaterial Interface
Nanoengineering approaches for guiding cellular behavior’ (UPC)
Veronica Hortigüela
Biomimetic Systems for Cell Engineering
Study of cell response over nanopatterned ligands on diblock copolymer surfaces’ (UB)
Francisco Palacios
Signal and information Processing for Sensing Systems
Desarrollo de una tarjeta RFID flexible con capacidades sensoras para aplicaciones en logística de alimentación’ (UB)
Maria Valls
Biomimetic Systems for Cell Engineering
Development of an advanced 3D culture system for human cardiac tissue engineering’ (UB)
Albert Garcia
Biomimetic Systems for Cell Engineering
Engineering poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate-based microstructures to develop an in vitro model of small intestinal epithelium’ (UB)
Marta Pozuelo
Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Bioengineering single-protein wires’ (UB)
Montserrat Lopez
Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Electrochemical tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of electron transfer proteins” (UB)
Jose Luis Sebastian
Desarrollo de aptasensores para la detección de bacterias enteropatógenas’ (UB)
Claudia Navarro
Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies
Stimulation of Wound Healing and Vascularization with Calcium-Releasing Biomaterials’ (UB)
Agata Mata
Molecular and Cellular Neurobiotechnology
Nuevas funciones de moléculas de remodelación vascular durante el desarrollo y modulación de la corteza cerebral de ratón’ (UB)
Daniel Pacheco
Space, Memory, Action, Insights from Behavior and Neurophysiology’ (UPF)


Silvia Pittolo
Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Development of light-modulated allosteric ligands for remote, non-invasive control of neuronal receptors
Luis Fernandez
Signal and Information Processing for Sensing Systems
Understanding the role of sensor diversity and redundancy to encode for chemical information in gas sensor arrays” (UB)
Xavier Puñet
Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies 
Design and Fabrication of Functionalized High Porous Poly(lactic acid)-based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering” (UPC)
Ariadna Bartra
Signal and Information Processing for Sensing Systems
Detecció d’estats inadequats per la conducció de un vehicle a partir de la degradació del control dinàmic” (UB)
Isil Tekeli

Control of Stem Cell Potency
Bioengineering approach to study the role of cell migration during zebrafish heart regeneration
Albert Hernansanz 
Robotics (former group)
Multi-robot cooperative platform: a task-oriented teleoperation paradigm” (UPC)
Anita Joanna Kosmalska 

Cellular and Molecular Mechanobiology
Physical principles of membrane remodeling during cell mechanoadaptation” (UB)
Xavier Gómez 

Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Design, synthesis and characterisation of photoswitchable allosteric modulators of metabotropic glutamate receptors” (UB)
Manuel Lozano 

Biomedical Signal Processing and Interpretation
Multichannel analysis of normal and continuous adventitious respiratory sounds for the assessment of pulmonary function in respiratory diseases” (UPC)
Oiane Urra 

Robotics/Biomedical Signal Processing and Interpretation
Analysis of the interlimb similarity of motor patterns for improving stroke assessment and neurorehabilitation” (UPC)
Luis Estrada 

Biomedical Signal Processing and Interpretation
Evaluación no invasiva del impulso neural respiratorio y su relación con la respuesta mecánica mediante el análisis de señales electromiográficas de músculos respiratorios” (UPC)
Themis Toumanidou 

Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Finite element simulation of the healthy and degenerated lumbar spine. Interplay between muscle activity and intervertebral disc multiphysics” (UPC)
Lluís Rigat 

Organ-on-a-chip microfluidic devices mimicking human splenic functions” (UB)
Noelia Campillo

Cellular and Respiratory Biomechanics
Cellular responses to intermittent hypoxia: a lab-on-a-chip approach” (UB)
Juan Jose Uriarte 

Cellular and Respiratory Biomechanics
Multi-scale lung tissue mechanics in a mouse model of marfan syndrome” (UB)
Maria Chiara Biagi 

Nanoscale Bioelectrical Characterization
Nanoscale electrical characterization of biological matter at microwave frequencies” (UB)
Marc Van der Hofstadt 

Nanoscale Bioelectrical Characterization
Hygroscopic properties of single bacterial cells and endospores studied by electrostatic force microscopy” (UB)


Riccardo Levato
Biomaterials for regenerative therapies
Injectable biodegradable carriers for the delivery of therapeutic agents and tissue engineering (UPC)
Marta Sanmartí-Espinal
Study of natural nanovesicles carrying olfactory receptors for the development of biosensing platforms (UB)
Cristina Vergara
Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology
Papel regulador de la proteína priónica celular en la enfermedad de Alzheimer y uso de gamma-péptidos como potenciales agentes terapéuticos (UB)
Juan Pablo Agusil
Fabrication of (bio)molecular patterns with contact printing techniques (UB)
Teresa Galán
Conducting Polymers for Nano and Micro Electrodes. Application to Biomolecule Sensing and Release (UB)
Carlos Ruiz
Biomechanics and mechanobiology
A computational study of intervertebral disc degeneration in relation to changes in regional tissue composition and disc nutrition (UPC)
Erola Pairo
Signal and information processing for sensing systems
Detection of transcription factor binding sites by multivariate signal processing (UB)
Ana Guaman
Signal and information processing for sensing systems
Multivariate Signal Processing for Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of Ion
Mobility Spectrometry applied to Biomedical and Food Applications (UB)
Andrés Arcentales Viteri
Biomedical Signal Processing and Interpretation
Análisis de la interacción cardíaca y respiratoria en pacientes con cardiomiopatía y pacientes en proceso de extubación (UPC)
Rosa Letizia Zaffino
Development of a nano-sensor for the direct electrical free-label detection of
DNA’s hybridisation and single nucleotide polymorphism (UB)
Lorena De Oñate
Pluripotent Stem Cells and Activation of Endogenous Tissue Programs for Organ Regeneration
Research on cardiac differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells: how to get beating cells in a dish (UPF)
Ernest Moles
Nanomalaria joint unit
Development of polyvalent erythrocyteand parasitized erythrocyte-targeted
nanovectors as novel site-specific drug delivery approaches for Plasmodium falciparum malaria chemotherapy (UB)
Maria Joana Azevedo Silva Marques
Nanomalaria joint unit
Exploration of sulfated polysaccharides as antimalarials and as targeting molecules for nanovector-mediated drug delivery to Plasmodium-infected cells (UB)
Aitor Sánchez
Biomaterials for Regenerative Therapies
Biomimetic hydrogels for in situ bone tissue engineering. Nature-inspired crosslinking methods as a tool to tune scaffold physical properties (UPC)


Sara Nocentini
Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology
Potential of genetically modified ensheathing cells for regeneration after spinal cord injury (UB)
Tiziano Serra
Biomaterials for regenerative therapies
Development of 3D-printed biodegradable composite scaffolds for tissue engineering applications (UPC)
Mercè Izquierdo    
Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Photoswitchable glutamate receptors to control neurotransmission with light (UB)
Ana Mª Oliva 

Estudio de los procesos celulares inducidos por campos eléctricos en sistemas de Lab-on-a-chip (UB)
Nadège Sachot 

Biomaterials for regenerative therapies
Design of Hybrid Fibers for Bone Tissue Engineering (UPC)
Zaida Álvarez 

Biomaterials for regenerative therapies
Lactate-Releasing PLA scaffolds for brain regeneration (UPC)
Marilia Barreiros Dos Santos
Development of a multi-electrode impedimetric biosensor: detection of pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxins (UB)
Laura Casares 

Integrative cell and tissue dynamics
Epithelial dynamics on soft hydrogels in response to stretch (UB)
Andrés Martín 

Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Desarrollo de péptidos fotoconmutables para el control de la actividad celular (UB)
Antonio Bautista
Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Design and Synthesis of Photoswitchable Molecules for Biological Applications (URV)
Daniel Esteban 

Nanoscale bioelectrical characterization/ Microbial biotechnology and host-pathogen interaction
Electric polarization properties of single bacteria measured with electrostatic force microscopy. Theoretical and practical studies of Dielectric constant of single bacteria and smaller elements (UB)
César Parra 

Microfluidic devices with integrated biosensors for biomedical applications (UB)


Patricia Urbán
Development of nanovectors for the targeted drug delivery of antimalarials (UB)
Joana Mesquita
Biomedical signal processing and interpretation
Snoring and arousals in full-night polysomnographic studies from Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome patients (UPC)
Xavier Serra
Integrative cell and tissue dynamics
Physical forces and mechanical waves during tissue growth (UPC)
Victor Pomareda
Signal and Information Processing for Sensing Systems
Signal processing approaches to the detection and localization of gas chemical sources using partially selective sensors (UB)
Sergio Martínez
Desarrollo de una nueva tecnología para el ensamblaje selectivo de una monocapa ordenada de ADN:MCH por pulsos eléctricos; aplicación a sensores de ADN (UB)
Arlyng González
Biomaterials for regenerative therapies
Implicaciones del Calcio Extracelular y su Receptor en Membrana (CaSR) en la Angiogénesis y la Osteogénesis. Relevancia en Ingeniería Tisular (UPC)
Luis Amigo
Estudio de Fuerzas de Interacción para Minimización de Esfuerzos en Rehabilitación Robotizada (UPC)
Leonardo Sarlabous
Biomedical signal processing and interpretation
Evaluación no invasiva de la actividad de los músculos respiratorios mediante el análisis de señales Mecanomiográficas en pacientes con EPOC (UPC)
Bogachan Tahirbegi
Electrochemical multi-sensors for biomedical applications (UB)
Mar Cendra
Bacterial Infections: antimicrobial therapies
Estudi de l’expressió i funció de les Ribonucleotidil Reductases d’Escherichia coli (UB)
Patricia Carulla
Molecular and cellular neurobiotechnology
La proteína priónica celular: Análisis de su función neuroprotectora y reguladora del ciclo celular (UB)


Ramiro González
Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Biomechanical study of intervertebral disc degeneration (UPC)
Andy Olivares
Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Evaluación computacional en andamios por prototipado rápido para la ingeniería de tejidos (UPC)
Adriana Sánchez-Danés
Control of Stem Cell Potency
Generation of human dopaminergic neurons from induced pluripotent stem cells to model Parkinson’s disease (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)
Nuno Coelho
Molecular Dynamics at Cell-Biomaterial Interface
Dynamic Behavior of Type IV Collagen at Cell- Biomaterials Interface (UPC)
Georg Gramse
Nanoscale bioelectrical characterization
Studying Electrostatic Polarization Forces at the Nanoscale: Dielectric constant of supported biomembranes measured in air and liquid environment (UB)
Gemma Mestres
Associated group (UPC)
Novel phosphate-based cements for clinical applications (UPC)
Óscar Seira
Molecular and Cellular Neurobiotechnology
Estudio de las vías de señalización intracelular asociadas a las proteínas inhibitorias asociadas a la mielina (UB)
Sergi Udina
Artificial Olfaction
Smart Chemical Sensors: Concepts and application (UB)
Laura Pedró
Microbial biotechnology and host-pathogen interaction
Caracterització de Paràlegs de la proteïna associada al nucleoide Hha: les proteïnes YdgT, HolE i YmgB (UB)
Jordi Comelles
Biochemical gradients on Poly(methyl methacrylate) surfaces (UB)
Jose Marco Balleza
Associated group (UPC)
Monitorización del patrón ventilatorio mediante tomografia por impedacia eléctrica en pacientes
con enfermedad pulmonar obstructiva crònica
Andrea Malandrino
Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Multi-scale biomechanical study of transport phenomena in the intervertebral disc (UPC)
Lorena Diéguez
Optical grating coupler biosensor and biomedical applications (UB)
Ester Añón
Integrative Cell and Tissue Dynamics
Mechanisms of migration in epithelial gap closure (Université Paris Descartes)
Marta Mattotti
Biomaterials for regenerative therapies
Biological response to structured and functionalized substrates for nerve tissue regeneration (UPC/UB)
Sabine Oberhansl
Construction of versatile biomolecule nano-platforms via Dip-pen Nanolithography and their application in biosensing and cell differentiation (UB)
Juan Manuel Artés
Nanoprobes and nanoswitches
Electrochemical Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of the Redox Protein Azurin (UB)
Lorena Redondo
Nanoprobes and nanoswitches
Stability of lipid bilayers as model membranes: atomic force microscopy and spectroscopy approach (UB)
Mário Hüttener
Microbial biotechnology and host-pathogen interaction
Estudio de sistemas evolutivamente conservados de regulación coordinada de la expresión génica en bacterias (UB)
Aurora Dols-Pérez
Nanoscale bioelectrical characterization
Nanoscale structural and mechanical properties of lipid bilayers in air environment (UB)
Óscar Castillo
Analysis and characterisation of biological samples in nano and microfluidic devices using AC and DC electric fields (UB)


Thomas S. van Zanten
Single Molecule Bionanophotonics
Nanoscale mosaics on the cell membrane: mapping organization and function with near-field nanoscopy
Ruth Díez Ahedo
Single Molecule Bionanophotonics
Biofunctional micropatterned surfaces to study, manipulate and control spatio-temporal organisation of cell membrane receptors in living cells (UB)
Maruxa Estévez Fernández
Mechanotransduction mechanisms induced by microstructured polymer substrates> effect on cell morphology and migration (UB)
Ling Wang
Microchannel enhanced neuron-computer interface: design, fabrication, biophysics of signal generation, signal strength optimization, and its applications to ion-channel screening and basic neuroscience research (UPC)
Johan Mikael Gustavsson
Bio/Non-Bio Interactions for Regenerative Medicine
Sensors for in vitro Bone Tissue Engineering Applications (UPC)
Kay Eckelt
Nanoprobes and Nanoswitches
Multi-approach analysis for identification and functional characterization of eye regeneration related genes of Schmidtea mediterranea (UB)
Angeles Ivón Rodríguez Villarreal
Microfluidic device for blood plasma separation and magnetic cell manipulation (UB)
Eduard Vergés
Associated Group – Informàtica Gràfica
Modeling, analysis and visualization of porous biomaterials (UPC)


Mathias Kuphal
A new platform for polymer-based biosensing. Fabrication technologies for an electrochemical biosensor (UB)
Martin Andreas Koch
Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Development of in vitro and in vivo Bioreactors for Bone Tissue Engineering (UPC)
Eduard Sleep Ronquillo
Control of Stem Cell Potency
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of heart regeneration in zebrafish (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
Edgar Benjamín Montúfar Jiménez
Associated Group – Biomaterials, Implants i Enginyeria de Teixits
Espumas inyectables de hidroxiapatita obtenidas por el método de espumado de la fase líquida de un cemento de fosfato tricálcico alfa (UPC)
Clara Inés Sandino Velásquez
Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
Simulation of mechanoregulation and tissue differentiation in calcium phosphate scaffolds for tissue engineering (UPC)
Christian Morgenstern De Müller
Biomedical Signal Processing and Interpretation
Invasive and non-invasive assessment of upper airway obstruction and respiratory effort with nasal airflow and esophageal pressure analysis during sleep (UPC)
Aitor Aguirre Cano
Bio/Non-Bio Interactions for Regenerative Medicine
Principles of Vascularization in Tissue Engineering using Endothelial Progenitors and Bioactive Composite Biomaterials (UPC)
Ainara Garde Martínez
Biomedical Signal Processing and Interpretation
Breathing pattern characterization in patients with respiratory and cardiac failure (UPC)