“El sueño de un cuerpo recambiable”

The article makes public IBEC’s recent acquisition of a 3D bioprinter, and features an interview with Josep Samitier, who explains that using patient’s own cells to create tissue limits the effect of immune rejection.

Josep also speculates that it may only be months before clinical trials are able to begin with bone or tubular organs such as pieces of intestine, and comments on recent work done in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where researchers have overcome previous size restrictions in the bioprinting of cartilage and bone.

The article also talks to Fernando de la Portilla, a surgeon and researcher at IBIS in Seville, Angel Raya, director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine in Barcelona (CMRB), and Sonia Contera at the University of Oxford on their own opinions of the new avenues that could be opened up by 3D bioprinting.

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