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Tailored Nanopatterning Scaffolds for Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration (1st Annual Meeting)

Friday, May 10, 2019 @ 9:30 am3:00 pm

Tailored Nanopatterning Scaffolds for Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration (1st Annual Meeting)

Organized by: Josep Samitier and Anna Lagunas

Musculoskeletal conditions are the second largest contributor to disability worldwide with an estimated US$30 billion spent annually on their management in the USA alone. The limited regenerative capacity of many of the tissues from the musculoskeletal system fostered the research on alternatives to the common surgical procedures, including stem cell therapies. For that, the development of preconditioning methods is mandatory to ensure an efficient implantation and overall success. Since nanometric environmental inputs are a paramount factor influencing cell behavior, including stem cell migration and differentiation, stem cell-based tissue engineering strategies are increasingly including nanoscale considerations when designing cell environments to better mimic native homeostatic conditions and drive cells towards development of the desired tissue. Within the framework of the Intramural collaboration of CIBER BBN “Tailored Nanopatterning Scaffolds for Musculoskeletal Tissue Regeneration”, the members of the consortium meet in Barcelona at IBEC presenting their contributions to the topic.


09:30-10:00 Welcome. Josep Samitier, Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya (IBEC)-Networking Biomedical Research Center (CIBER).
10:00-10:30 Nanopatterning defines tissue organization and intercellular communication network architecture in mesenchymal condensation. Anna Lagunas, Networking Biomedical Research Center (CIBER)-Institut de Bioenginyeria de Catalunya (IBEC).
10:30-11:00 New dendrimeric materials for biological applications. Yolanda Vida, Departamento de Química Orgánica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Málaga – IBIMA.
11:00-11:30 Molecular characterization of genes involved in cell-to-cell communication during the chondrogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stromal cell. Cristina Rodríguez. Unidad de Medicina Regenerativa, Grupo de Investigación en Reumatología (GIR), Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de A Coruña (INIBIC), Complexo Hospitalario Universitario de A Coruña (CHUAC), Sergas, Universidade da Coruña (UDC).
11:30-12:00 Coffee Break
12:00-12:30 Mechanical characterization of elastomers. José Luis Gómez Ribelles. Biomaterials Center of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (CBM-UPV)-Networking Biomedical Research Center (CIBER).
12:30-13:00 In vitro tenogenic differentiation of MSCs and in vivo models of tendon repair. Leonor Santos. Networking Biomedical Research Center (CIBER)-Tissue Regeneration and Bioengineering Laboratory, University of Málaga (LABRET-UMA).
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Discussion


Friday, May 10, 2019
9:30 am–3:00 pm
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IBEC, floor 11, Tower I
Baldiri Reixac 4-8
08028 Barcelona, Spain