Active Nano-particles in nanomedicine: smart drug delivery systems

Group: Smart nano-bio-devices
Group leader: Samuel Sánchez (ssá

The development of active drug delivery systems will revolutionize the way we treat some diseases and reduce the side effects of extensive drug release in patients. This project aims at designing of nanoparticles and nanosystems made of organic and/or inorganic materials (e.g. polymeric nanoparticles or mesoporous nanoparticles). Those nanoparticles will become motile (named Nanobots) through the conversion of chemical energy released from catalytic reactions into kinetic energy. Nanobots will specifically transport therapeutic agents to target locations in a controllable manner using external control or internal gradients in vitro and eventually in vivo.

Nanobots will be functionalized for specific binding to target cells, and modified for triggering the release of drugs in located targets. Due to the high expectations and fast developement of this field, we aim at fundamental understanding of motion at the nanoscale, validate the nanotoxicity of nanobots and to transfer this radically new proof-of-concept to the hospital. We seek for enthusiasts with interest in nanomaterials and drug delivery systems, specially from Chemistry, Biochemistry, Materials science, Biology, Biotechnology, Engineering background and physics. Prior experience in the synthesis of nanoparticles, enzyme catalysis, drug delivery systems, or physics of colloids will be of added value.