Targeted Nanodevices for Delivery of Therapeutics across Body Barriers

Group: Targeted therapeutics and nanodevices
Group leader: Silvia Muro (

Novel drug nanocarriers improve the solubility, dosage, circulation, biodistribution, and overall performance and safety of therapeutics. However, our ability to successfully treat cancers, genetic conditions, neurological syndromes, etc. remains a major challenge due to poor transport of these systems across the barriers that separate compartment in the body and its cells. Focusing on disease models available in the lab, an interdisciplinary research project will be developed, aimed to generate both knowledge and translational tools to overcome such barriers and efficiently deliver therapeutics to specific disease sites. The influence exerted on targeting and transport by drug carrier design parameters (geometry, avidity, combination targeting) and parameters intrinsic to the physiological system (disease states, receptor epitopes being targeted, modulation of regulatory molecules) will be examined. The characterization of these factors are necessary steps toward achieving efficient drug delivery systems.

In vitro, cell cultures, and animal models will be used, offering opportunities to learn diverse synthesis, analytical, and biological methods in a multidisciplinary, diverse and international lab. Career development will be supported by an energetic research program, personalized mentoring, international mobility, clinical and industrial collaborations, active participation in divulgation, and engagement in entrepreneurial activities.