Former members
Dr. Enric Claverol | Group leader
Now: CEO of FCRI


The neuroengineering group focuses on technology to monitor and control neuronal activity with the aim of empowering basic research, drug discovery and therapeutic action against neuropathologies.

We have developed the PoM (Polymer-on-Multielectrode) array technology, which combines planar arrays of substrate-embedded electrodes and 3D polymeric structures to monitor and stimulate neuronal activity in vitro. Using the PoMs, it has been possible to culture individual neurons within microstructures and to obtain multisite recordings of single-unit activity along individual neurites. This tool renders possible a whole new set of experiments in which the anatomy and function of individual neurons can be correlated in vitro.

The group has also achieved a novel family of consumable, all-polymeric cell culture dishes with embedded microchannels and culture chambers. These enable low-complexity, low-cost electrophysiological measurements, including drug screening, with convenient manufacturability. A spin-off, Aleria Biodevices SL, has been created to market this approach to in vitro electrophysiology.

The production of neurochips using conventional technologies is costly and technically complex. In order to help address this issue, we have developed a laser-write lithography system that supports rapid-prototyping of the PoM and all-polymeric devices. In parallel with work on lab-on-a-chip electrophysiology, we are pursuing research on novel optical techniques to monitor neuronal activity. We are particularly interested in photobleaching-free techniques capable of supporting long-term studies on learning, both in vitro and in vivo. Along these lines we are focusing on plasmon-resonance as measured on functionalized nanoparticles bound to electroactive membranes.


EU-funded projects
A Novel Strategy for Development of Multielectrode Devices and Integration of Microfluidics for Recording of Neuronal Activity FlashPoMs – Inter-Reg (FP7) Enric Claverol
National projects
Robotic Multielectrode System for Microcircuit Electrophysiology (2007-2010) MICINN, Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología (CICYT) Enric Claverol