ICREA senior call 2020

Requirements for candidates:


  • A Ph.D. degree obtained preferably before 2016.
  • Relevant multinational exposure at pre-doctoral and/or post-doctoral level.
  • Expansive phase of academic career, with an outstanding research record and leadership. Applications from women are especially welcome


Eligibility criteria:

  • ICREA positions are not compatible with permanent positions outside the Catalan research system (not even part-time).
  • The call is open to all scholars worldwide who, on the 12th March 2018 (24 months prior to the deadline of this call), were not yet holding a permanent position in the Catalan research system.


ICREA Offers:


  • Permanent contract with ICREA to work at universities or research centres in Catalonia no later than September 2021.
  • Salaries are in line with those at Catalan universities. ICREA research professors are subject to an evaluation of their research progress and general performance after the first three-year period and, subsequently, every five years.


How to apply:


In order to apply, candidates need to have the support of the Catalan research institution where they will carry out their research activities.


Interested applicants to apply for an ICREA position at IBEC should send a letter of expression of interest and CV to  before 29/02/2020 (Reference: ICREA 2020).

An ad-hoc selection committee will evaluate all candidacies and decide which ones IBEC will support.


Then, the application must be submitted electronically via ICREA website before 2:00 pm (Central European Time) on Thursday, 12 March 2020. Please note that no applications can be submitted after the deadline.