José Antonio del Río interviewed at “La Marató dels investigadors” TV program

During the interview, José Antonio del Río explains the research he has carried out at IBEC thanks to “la Marató”. His group has identified the key protein in the progression of Parkinson’s disease and how it transfers from cell to cell, which opens new therapeutic possibilities, that could block the progression of the disease.

In their research, they have been able to demonstrate in which part of the proteins this “evil” protein that causes the disease is hooked. Once this protein binds to the proteins that are normally found in our body, goes inside the cell and passes from one cell to another. If we are able to block this union with a drug, and this drug does not alter the neuronal network, the progression of this disease could be stopped. In the words of José Antonio del Río “Surprisingly, and this is the part where I feel more enthusiastic about, is that this protein is present in other neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. We do not think that we can develop the “magic pill” but if we could block this process, we would also help other degenerative diseases. ”

The interview starts at the minute 17,49