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Mallafre-Muro, C, Cruz, M, Borrego, ABI, Romero, LF, Martinez, AP, Colas, SM, (2022). Study of quality controls for stability check of the ROIs of a ketones mixture in different GC-IMS measurement campaigns 2022 Ieee International Symposium On Olfaction And Electronic Nose (Isoen 2022)

GC-IMS is a very good complementary technique to traditional GC-MS, that presents some advantages, but also, some disadvantages such as misalignments produced by many parameters affecting the equipment stability. The reproducibility of the measures has been studied in two different measurement campaigns with a set of automatized quality control parameters. Figures of merit from one region of interest present in the samples show that the saturation and asymmetry do not change between measurement campaigns, but the volume and area of the total ion spectra change. A correction of these changes between batches should be developed.

JTD Keywords: Batches, Figures of merit, Gc-ims, Reproducibility, Rois

Arteaga, O., Escudero, C., Oncins, G., El-Hachemic, Z., Llorens, J., Crusats, J., Canillas, A., Ribo, J. M., (2009). Reversible mechanical induction of optical activity in solutions of soft-matter nanophases Chemistry - An Asian Journal , 4, (11), 1687-1696

Nanophases of J-aggregates of several achiral amphiphilic porphyrins, which have thin long acicular shapes (nanoribbons), show the immediate and reversible formation of a stationary mechano-chiral state in the solution by vortex stirring, as detected by their circular dichroic signals measured by 2-modulator generallized ellipsometry. The results suggest that when a macroscopic chiral force creates supramolecular chirality, it also creates an enantiomeric excess of screw distortions, which may be detected by their excitonic absorption. An explanation on the effect of the shear flow gradients is proposed on the basis of the orientation of the rotating particles in the vortex and the size, shape, and mechanical properties of the nanoparticles.

JTD Keywords: Chirality, Circular dichroism, Nanoparticles, Selfassembly, Supramolecular chemistry