The hidden face of the IBECNET


No, don’t worry, it’s not an error coming from your pc, it’s just code, created by one of our colleagues. It’s the same code that Carles Ortega created to read data and convert it from text to an object for the SAP. Carles Ortega is the Senior System Developer of the “Integrated Management Systems” (IMS) area at IBEC, in charge of integrating all of the organization’s systems and processes into one complete framework, enabling it to work as a single unit, the famous and well-known: SAP. A thousand lines of code, like the one above, get activated each time you click an IBECNET button.


Carles has been working at IBEC for five years now and his work is mainly focused in integrating processes that facilitate the user’s interaction with the SAP, but not only that, he has also developed the IBECNET which is constantly being improved with new features.

One of his greatest achievements while working at IBEC was implementing a 100% push notification server, without relying on third-party platforms. A push notification is useful to avoid excessive emails and gives the ability to execute actions directly with built-in buttons. For example, the recently implemented “IClock”, sends a message to your mobile or PC in case you have to start the timer or reminding you it’s time to stop working! This is a technique that he had never implemented in a 100% integrated way, until now.


To manage and to create all these platforms that we use daily there is always a hidden part, written in code language, one that Carles uses daily. For example, behind the budget control library in the IBECNET, which calculates the money available of a project, there are hidden 4000 lines of code.


The IBECNet has more than 40.000 files stored

That is the same number of litres of olive oil you would obtain if you had 400 olive trees. (Yes, you are still reading IBEC’s face of the month). When Carles is not working in his virtual world he is tenant of about 400 olive trees located between Sant Feliu and Molins de Rei. Approximately, one olive tree delivers 40 kg of olives which, in turn, produces 10 litres of olive oil.  He loves working in theolive grove with his kids and going around the fields with the vintage tractor as you can see in the picture. He is also a cava lover, there is always time for a good glass of cold cava, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have fields to harvest the grape.

Now you’ve had the chance to meet IBEC’s code Master, next time you come to the administration building, if you look at his screen you will see endless lines of indecipherable green code, what for most of us would be a brainteaser, is for him just a field full of olives.