Research news

The most efficient single-molecule diode ever made

Researchers have created the most efficient single-molecule diode ever.

Diodes are common in everyday electronic devices, in which they control the current by allowing it to flow in one direction while blocking it in the opposite direction. The researchers, working at the University of Barcelona (UB) and IBEC, have created one of just 1 nanometer in size with a rectification ratio – the ratio of the current that flows in one direction compared to the other – several orders of magnitude higher than previously.

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Other news

IBEC-mentored student wins prize for research project

One of IBEC’s mentees under the BATX2LAB programme was a prize winner last Wednesday at the initiative’s annual ceremony to award the best research projects.

In BATX2LAB, organised by the PCB and CatalunyaCaixa, researchers working in the science park are assigned as tutors to secondary school pupils who are starting their A-level/Baccalaureate research projects. It enables participating students to carry out their research in a ‘real’ lab environment and with the support of an experienced scientist.

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