European funding for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes using 3D bioprinting

IBEC researcher Javier Ramón Azcón has been awarded an “ERC Proof of Concept Grant.” This prestigious funding is granted by the European Research Council to explore the commercial and societal potential of research projects conducted in European institutions. Ramón’s project, Uniink, is centered on the treatment of Type 1 diabetes using cell therapy and 3D bioprinting.

Samuel Sánchez Receives ERC Proof of Concept Grant to Target Mucinous Tumors with his Nanorobots

Samuel Sánchez has successfully secured an “ERC Proof of Concept” grant, provided by the European Research Council (ERC), to explore the application of his nanorobots in the treatment of mucus-secreting tumors. This prestigious grant enables researchers to assess the feasibility and potential for knowledge transfer of their research projects.

Bioaction Project: Turning Infections from Health Risk to Opportunity

Bioaction is an EU-funded project, in which IBEC is involved, that aims to revolutionize the approach to implant-associated infections. By harnessing hydrogels and smart nanomaterials, Bioaction will transform bacterial biofilms into bio-factories for tissue regeneration, offering a novel alternative to traditional antibiotic therapies. The project is driven by a multidisciplinary team of experts and strives to improve patient outcomes while addressing the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance.

NANOMED Spain will continue promoting nanomedicine in Spain

The Spanish Nanomedicine Platform, NANOMED Spain, has renewed the “Support for Technological and Innovation Platforms” granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation for the period 2023-2024. Coordinated by IBEC since its foundation in 2005, the platform brings together companies, academia, and administration in a collaborative space with the goal of expediting the translation of nanomedicine from research to the clinic and the market.

IBEC launches the Inclusive Science project in collaboration with FECYT

It is an initiative that aims to help incorporate an inclusive view into science education activities. For this project, IBEC has collaborated with various professionals in the field of diversity and inclusion to design multiple ways of accessing information (visual, written, sensory, etc.). Now, the materials and tools developed are available to the scientific and educational community.