Research news

Oxidation necessary for recovery after spine injuries

Researchers at IBEC, in collaboration with Imperial College London, have discovered that oxidizing species – chemicals such as peroxides that form during the metabolism of oxygen – regulate the regeneration of damaged neurons after spinal cord injuries.

Anti-inflammatories and antioxidants: these are the treatments usually given to nerve or spinal injury patients to mitigate the damage. When a nerve is injured, inflammation occurs and the immune system is activated,

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Other news

City of Barcelona Award for Pere

This was the moment that IBEC group leader Pere Roca-Cusachs received the City of Barcelona Award for the life sciences from Barcelona mayor Ada Colau.

The ceremony took place last night in the city council’s Saló de Cent, where the twenty winners of this year’s prizes, now in their 17th edition, were congratulated by Ms. Colau and Culture Commissioner Joan Subirats.

The prestigious City of Barcelona awards recognize outstanding creativity and research carried out in Barcelona that contribute to culture and society in the city.

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