12th Annual Conference of Biomedical Research Technology Platforms

In addition, NanomedSpain has co-organized one of the parallel sessions on the afternoon on the 5th of March. This session, under the title of “New technologies applied to the fight of pediatric cancer” was moderated by Sergio Muñoz of FENIN, among its participants was Joan Montero from the Nanobioengineering group of IBEC speaking on “Functional trials for personalized medicine against cancer”. Other participants in the session were Marisa Ogando Serrano from Bioterra, Adriana Montero from Roche Diagnostics and Antonio Pérez-Martínez from H. La Paz.

In recent years, Spain has managed to position itself among the European countries with better conditions to host the development of clinical trials, to the point that one third of all the trials conducted in Europe already have Spanish participation. This positive trend that biomedical research is undergoing in Spain still has a long way to go, given the new paradigms that new therapies are proposing: precision medicine, big data, nanomedicine.

In all of them, Spain has a high scientific level of professionals, excellence of the research centers, the involvement of patients and the commitment of the industrial sector. There are several international research projects that are led and coordinated by Spanish scientists, to place our country among the best in the area of biomedical research; A coordinated policy of the Public Administration is also needed to strengthen the development of hubs in this sector relevant to the country.