7th IBEC Symposium will be on the theme of ‘Bioengineering for Future Medicine’

As the future of medicine will mean personalised medicine, hand-held diagnostic platforms, wearable monitoring devices, and other technological advances to make healthcare more effective, cheaper and more convenient,  IBEC researchers are using their bioengineering tools, technology and techniques to better understand the behaviour of proteins, cells, tissue and organs in the body, or develop solutions such as nanocapsules for targeted drug delivery, nanoscale tools to study biological systems, molecular actuators that can be switched on and off with light, and in vitro organs ‘on-a-chip’ for disease models. They study the mechanisms and physiological implications underlying mechanical forces in biology, such as the mechanical behaviour of cells and their interactions with the microenvironment, or the dynamic mechanisms involved in tissue healing, morphogenesis and collective cell invasion in cancer.

Speakers at this year’s symposium will be:

  • Prof. Josep Samitier (IBEC)
  • Prof. Chwee Teck Lim (Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore)
  • Dr. Pere Roca-Cusachs (IBEC)
  • Dra. Elisabeth Engel (IBEC)
  • Dr. Roger D. Kamm (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Participants are welcome to present their projects in poster format at the 7th IBEC Symposium. Some of their contributions have be invited by the scientific committee to give an oral flash presentation.

When: Monday 29th September, 08:30-18:00
Where: UPC’s Edifici Vertex (UPC), Campus Nord, Plaça Eusebi Güell 6.

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