Aránzazu Villasante receives a grant from the Spanish Association Against Cancer to study neuroblastoma

The project focuses on developing a chip that will serve as a model for testing new drugs to treat neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. The research has received €200,000 in funding and is led by Aránzazu Villasante, Senior Researcher at IBEC.

Aranzazu Villasante AECC IBEC

The Spanish Association Against Cancer has awarded a Research Grant to Aránzazu Villasante, Senior Researcher in IBEC’s Nanobioengineering group, led by Josep Samitier. Villasante’s project, which has received €200,000 in funding, focuses on neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer with the ability to spread and metastasize to other parts of the body, such as the bones. The research team will develop a model of neuroblastoma bone metastasis on a chip to serve as a testing ground for new drugs to treat this rare cancer type.

“The device helps us simulate how cancer behaves in a controlled environment that mimics the metastasis process in patients. It includes neuroblastoma cells, bone tissue, and blood and lymphatic vessels through which neuroblastoma cells can travel to the bone and metastasize,” explains Aránzazu Villasante, the project leader.

Event for the delivery of Grants from the Spanish Association Against Cancer 2023 in Barcelona. / Credit: AECC

The Association Against Cancer in Barcelona held an event today to present the 2023 Research Grants that will be developed in the province. In total, the Association Against Cancer is contributing €29.4 million in 233 grants throughout Spain, 44 of which will be developed in Barcelona. The goal is to increase the average survival rate of people with cancer to 70% by 2030 and translate research results into patient benefits. This funding aims to promote the talent and innovation of researchers and contribute to turning cancer research projects into realities that improve the lives of patients.