Bilateral meeting for IBEC and the University of Warwick

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Tim Jones and four other researchers from the UK-based institution will take part in the two-day visit, which will begin with high-level private meetings to develop the agreement between the centres. On the following day, 23 September, the visitors will tour IBEC’s labs and facilities before taking part in a workshop to enable staff from both sides to present their work and identify possible collaborations.

The topics covered by the Warwick visitors at the workshop will be as follows:

– Noise in nonlinear systems with applications to neurophysiology and signal processing
Professor Nigel Stocks, Department of Engineering

– Biomedical signal and pattern processing techniques for their use in healthcare; Analysis of the electromagnetic activity of the human brain; Brain-Computer Interfacing
Professor Christopher James, Warwick Manufacturing Group

– Computational Biology: abstract and biophysical models of single neuron, neural networks, stochastic and nonlinear dynamics, data mining and mathematical physics
Professor Jianfeng Feng, Centre of Scientific Computing

– High Resolution Functional Imaging
Professor Pat Unwin, Department of Chemistry

IBEC signed the MoU in 2010 covering the field of bioengineering with Warwick’s Centre for Cognitive and Neural Systems, which was set up by the university’s Department of Psychology and School of Engineering in 2007. The agreement aims to promote the exchange of bioengineering knowledge and expertise between research groups, the exchange of researchers via short-term fellowships and the implementation of cooperative research projects.

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